Pak Lah beli bot mewah peribadi RM 30 juta ?

Betulke laporan akhbar Turki ini yang mengatakan Pak Lah menempah bot mewah peribadi beharga RM 30 juta di Turki ? Kalau tak betul ini satu fitnah, dan Pak Lah mesti menyaman akhbar Turki ini atau Rockybru yang mungkin tersalah terjemah artikel tersebut.

Kepada penduduk Lembah Kelang dan rakyat Malaysia Selamat Menyambut Kadar Tol Baru sempena Tahun Baru ini.


The PM's RM30 million yacht
Malaysian PM here to see his (US$8 million) yacht. That's the headline from the Hurriyet, a Turkish paper I've got it translated .The report clearly said the luxury yacht belongs to the Malaysian Prime Minister. Not Ananda Krishnan's. The report did not say that it was given to Abdullah Badawi by the tycoon, either. It was very clear on the fact that this yacht, costing some RM30 million, is Abdullah's yacht.
Lost in translation? Or lost for word?

Hurriyet Newspaper
Malaysian Prime Minister here to see his boat
Malaysian Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmed Badawi arrived in Bodrum yesterday to see his boat which he ordered four months ago. Badawi arrived in Bodrum at 1.30 am with a private jet that belongs to Malaysia Airlines.
The head official of Milas, Bahattin Atci, and Malaysian businessman Ananda Krishnan, who is the sixth richest man in Asia, welcomed Badawi. Kamil Sezgun, who is the director of Kobra Yachting and Tourism Ltd Co, was also present.
Badawi and his friend Krishan went to Gokova for fishing with a luxury motor yacht belonging to Kremala Holding, which was brought over here from Malta. The luxury yacht "Obsessions" is 40-meter long, made in the Netherlands and the captain of the yacht is Cavit Kabak. The yacht was anchored in Milta Marina.
Badawi said he loves Bodrum and south Aegean and the Mediterranean so much. It's a great pleasure for him to be here fishing and resting on the line (horizon) that connects blue and green (ocean and land).

The boat will cost 8 million dollars
The boat is made of Akaju, Maun, Sipo and Brimanya's tree which is imported from South Africa. It is expected to be completed in 16 months. Some 60 people are involved in the construction of the boat. The boat will be delivered after 12 months (since he ordered it four months ago). The capacity of the boat is for 14 people and the length is 44 meters. The boat will cost 8 million US dollars.